31 May 2012
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Sorry about the long hiatus here. I was in the midst of moving and got sidetracked by work and life. But I've since relaunched my website, which now integrates the blog as well. Be sure to visit at www.tellurus.com and tell me what you think.

See you around :)

13 January 2011
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A quick post-and-run here... I just had to share these paper-thin (OK, more like 0.05mm) lacy filigree teardrops with you - and what's more, all of them are matte! While I don't normally use base metal components, these were much too lovely to pass up. The satin-finish silver, gold and black are so modern but the intricate open teardrops hark back to a romantic era where one sat down for frou-frou tea and buttered crumpets on doilies. They're also super lightweight so you get all the drama without any discomfort. Finished with my own handmade sterling silver and 14K goldfilled earwires. Check'em out in my Artfire studio now :)

06 January 2011
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... in pictures! Maybe these will put you in the mood for Valentine's Day - which is not really that far off.

Remember the rose filigree rings from the Fiorissimo collection? I've just added two new colours, coral pink on antiqued silver and deep red on glossy black:

In addition to the ivory cream on antiqued brass, the following popular versions have also been restocked:

I've got only a few of those rose stud earrings left, and have just added a dark grey pair for those who aren't really into all the girly stuff:

Last but not least, there is also a new selection of pretty pastel floral bobby pins featuring pompom chrysanthemums, daisies and sakura:

All are available in the Artfire studio, but several rings might also be lurking in the Etsy shop. Hope you find something you like :)

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